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5G NR RACH Procedure Overview – CBRA & CFRA

This application claims priority under 35 U. Provisional Application No. A Long-Term Evolution LTE system offers high peak data rates, low latency, improved system capacity, and low operating cost resulting from simple network architecture. Multiple access in the downlink is achieved by assigning different sub-bands i. The signal bandwidth for next generation 5G new radio NR systems is estimated to increase to up to hundreds of MHz for below 6 GHz bands and even to values of GHz in case of millimeter wave bands.

However, both methods are equivalent in false alarm rate. Applying a scrambling sequence does not address the false detection problem.


If the interleaver is placed before channel encoding, it takes the form of a bit interleaver. If the interleaver is placed after channel encoding, it takes the form of a bit interleaver or a channel interleaver. If channel interleaver is utilized, the channel interleaver subsumes the mapping of modulation symbols to physical locations on the time-frequency grid. A base station generates a plurality of information bits containing downlink control information for a user equipment UE in a mobile communication network.

The plurality of information bits is attached with a plurality of cyclic redundancy check CRC bits. The base station performs channel encoding on the plurality of information bits with CRC and outputting a plurality of encoded bits.

The base station applies cyclic-shifting before or after the channel encoding using a UE-specific ID. The base station transmits the downlink control information over allocated radio resources of a physical downlink control channel PDCCH to the UE. Other embodiments and advantages are described in the detailed description below. This summary does not purport to define the invention. The invention is defined by the claims. The accompanying drawings, where like numerals indicate like components, illustrate embodiments of the invention.

Reference will now be made in detail to some embodiments of the invention, examples of which are illustrated in the accompanying drawings. In the example of FIG. A physical resource block PRB occupies one slot and twelve subcarriers, while a PRB pair occupies two consecutive slots in one subframe.

Comparing to LTE numerology subcarrier spacing and symbol lengthin next generation 5G NR systems, multiple numerologies are supported and the radio frame structure gets a little bit different depending on the type of numerology.Post a Comment.

PDCCH Physical downlink Control Channel :- This channel carries the control information about the data being transmitted on the current subframe and the information about the resources which UE need to use for the uplink data.

That means it is mandatory for the UE to decode it successfully if it wants to send some data or receive something. So we should try to understand it completely that:- What information it carries?

Where it carries the information? And for whom it carries the information? Actually enodeB need to send a lot of parameters to the UE for its operation but there may be the cases that some information is not required for a particular UE. There comes in the picture the different formats for sending the information which are called DCI formats.

Even we would not like to have so many formats because they will increase the complexity. So to cover the most useful cases we have following DCI formats:- DCI format 0 is used for uplink allocation, all other formats are used for allocating the resources in downlink.

Number of antenna ports present which in turn will effect the reference signals present. So to make that process easier eNodeB divided its CCE's into two parts which we call them as search space : Common search space :- It consists of CCE's which are used for sending the control information which is common for all the UE's. Maximum number of CCE present in common search space is Lets suppose there are total CCE's eNodeB has for sending the control information combining both common space and UE specific search space.

Now how the Ravan will come to know which CCE he needs to decode for getting his information. Either he needs to scan all CCE's one by one and try to find the information. This procedure will consume a lot of battery power for the UE.

So to simplify this process, eNodeB has fixed some indexes for a particulat UE based on the rnti and the subframe, so now ravan needs to find his control information only on those specific CCE indexes. Its values can be 1,2,4 and 8. Code rate : - It is mainly a physical layer funda for sending the information in a redundant way such that chances of UE successfully decoding it gets increased.

It means it will send the control information with aggregation level 2. Search space. Aggregation level. Size [in CCEs].Year of fee payment : 4. Methods and apparatus for random access in multicarrier wireless communications are disclosed.

A method for sending data in multicarrier wireless communications by determining a set of available UL carriers and selecting an UL carrier from the set of available UL carriers. Provisional Application No. This application is related to wireless communications. A dedicated radio resource may be, for example, a specific preamble or physical random access channel PRACH resource. The random access procedure may be either contention-free or contention-based, and may include the following features: preamble transmission; random access response RAR reception, in which the RAR contains a grant for an uplink UL transmission; transmission of message3 msg3 for contention-based random access; and contention resolution for contention-based random access for example, the WTRU may determine whether the random access RA procedure was successfully completed.

The WTRU transmits a random access preamble. Next, the WTRU may transmit a scheduled transmission, for example, a msg3 transmission. Then, the eNB may perform contention resolution for contention-based random access and the WTRU may determine whether the random access procedure was successful. In some wireless communications systems, such as, for example, Long Term Evolution LTEa WTRU may initiate a random access procedure due to one of the aforementioned events and a set of random access channel RACH resources is assumed to be available.

The set of RACH resources is defined by a single index, prach-ConfigIndex, which may take a value between 0 and 63 and identify a preamble format to be used, as well as the set of subframes in which a preamble may be sent. The set of subframes may be further restricted by a provided physical random access channel PRACH mask index. Thus, there is no ambiguity as to which UL carrier may be used. This involves the selection of a random access preamble followed by the determination of the next subframe containing an available RACH resource.

The preamble is then transmitted in the next subframe in the case of frequency division duplex FDD. In the case of time division duplex TDDthe preamble is transmitted in a randomly selected RACH resource within the next subframe or the two subsequent subframes.

pdcch order

An apparatus configured to perform multicarrier UL communications by determining a set of available UL carriers and selecting an UL carrier from the set of available UL carriers. A more detailed understanding may be had from the following description, given by way of example in conjunction with the accompanying drawings wherein:.

The eNBs may interface with each other using an X 2 interface. As shown in FIG. In addition to the components that may be found in a typical WTRU, the WTRU includes a processor with an optional linked memoryat least one transceiveran optional batteryand at least one antenna The processor is configured to perform random access resource selection with multiple carriers.

The at least one transceiver is in communication with the processor and the at least one antenna to facilitate the transmission and reception of wireless communications. In case a battery is used in the WTRUit powers the at least one transceiver and the processor In addition to the components that may be found in a typical eNB, the eNB includes a processor with an optional linked memorytransceiversand antennas The transceivers are in communication with the processor and antennas to facilitate the transmission and reception of wireless communications.

Additionally, a dedicated preamble may be associated with a specific carrier. Some wireless communication systems, such as those based on LTE-A, may include the use of bandwidth extensions such as carrier aggregation CA. The definition of the DL PCC may not be limited to this definition and may be considered the CC that contains important parameters or information for system operation.

Blind decoding complexity may be reduced by requiring a WTRU to monitor control signaling only on a subset of the configured CCs. The UL carrier may be obtained from the default duplex distance or may be signaled explicitly from the DL carrier, for example, in system information block 2 SIB 2. Thus, FIG. A WTRU transitioning from dormant to active sub-state may already know such information. Optionally, the common information between different SIBs may be transmitted or signaled once.It is a very clear example, can you give us a contention random access procedure Am Laura Mildred by name, i was diagnosed with Herpes 4 years ago i lived in pain with the knowledge that i wasn't going to ever be well again i contacted so many herbal doctors on this issue and wasted a large sum of money but my condition never got better i was determined to get my life back so one day i saw Mr.

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pdcch order

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Here is my private e-mail clararose gmail. Nice post! It is an interesting one. I like blogging and follow many but this one is really amazing. VPS provider in Singapore. Security testing is must. Everybody wants security at every level of his working.Such a unit is assigned a sequence number, and is managed as a distinct entity by the ARQ state machines.

Block size is a parameter negotiated during connection establishment. Indicator Channel. The Power Boost parameter specifies the expected average subcarrier power of a channel. This is done so that specifying a channel's Power Boost parameter is like specifying the average power of the channel being transmitted from the base station, regardless of the number of transmit antennas.

A value of 2. Auto-detect control channel power levels - When selected, the LTE Long Term Evolution demodulator will detect arbitrary power levels for all channels on the Basic tab.

pdcch order

PDCCH allocations can be autodetected or specified manually. For FDD Frequency Division Duplex: A duplex scheme in which uplink and downlink transmissions use different frequencies but are typically simultaneous.

For TDD Time Division Duplex: A duplexing technique dividing a radio channel in time to allow downlink operation during part of the frame period and uplink operation in the remainder of the frame period.

Subframe fields that are allocated to uplink will reset their value to zero when changed. Despreading arbitrarily remaps the demodulated values of individual PHICH sequences onto the I and Q values of the subcarriers containing those sequences.

When the Symbol Table format is shown in binarythe same mapping order and values are used, but the even-indexed hex digits are truncated to two bits. For example, a 5 MHz Megahertz: A unit of frequency equal to one million hertz or cycles per second. The values for M i depend on the uplink-downlink configuration and are given by Table 6.As per DCI Format. Provision of Pre-emption Indications. Search Space Set Type.

UE-specific search space set. As mentioned in Also as we know maximum 4 BW can be configured for a UE, so range of search space index should be 0 to For each search space set from the S search space sets, the UE is provided the following by higher layer parameter SearchSpace :. Each search space is associated with one ControlResourceSet. For a scheduled cell in the case of cross carrier scheduling, except for nrofCandidates, all the optional fields are absent.

Number of Candidates for aggregation level 1,2,4,8, Scrambling sequence generator c i is obtained using clause 5. Modulation of scrambled bits. Mapping to Physical Layer. Antenna port used for transmission is UE deduce the DCI format used using combination of following information:.

Specifying multiple DCI formats with an equal size payload reduces the number of blind decoding attempts required by the UE. Some important points from section The pseudo-random sequence generator shall be initialized with. Using above mentioned procedure DMRS sequence is generated. The range of value of k frequency position is restricted based on following condition in The CrossCarrierSchedulingConfig is used to specify the configuration when the cross-carrier scheduling is used in a cell.This application claims the benefit of U.

Provisional Application No. The present disclosure relates to wireless technology, and more specifically to techniques for physical downlink control channel generation and blind decoding for new radio NR systems or network devices of an NR network. However, due to the terminal complexity and cost concerns, the maximum number of blind decoding attempts and number of control channel elements CCEs for channel estimation in a UE can be limited.

The present disclosure will now be described with reference to the attached drawing figures, wherein like reference numerals are used to refer to like elements throughout, and wherein the illustrated structures and devices are not necessarily drawn to scale. For example, a component can be a processor e. By way of illustration, an application running on a server and the server can also be a component.

Key VoLTE Technologies

Further, these components can execute from various computer readable storage media having various data structures stored thereon such as with a module, for example. As another example, a component can be an apparatus with specific functionality provided by mechanical parts operated by electric or electronic circuitry, in which the electric or electronic circuitry can be operated by a software application or a firmware application executed by one or more processors.

The one or more processors can be internal or external to the apparatus and can execute at least a part of the software or firmware application. Use of the word exemplary is intended to present concepts in a concrete fashion. In some embodiments, the circuitry may be implemented in, or functions associated with the circuitry may be implemented by, one or more software or firmware modules. In some embodiments, circuitry may include logic, at least partially operable in hardware.

For example, a processing device e. This identification can be based on the higher layer configurations, by an indication signaled or one or more criteria, for example. This determination can be applied to and vary as a function of each slot, for example. The priority rule, for example, can be based on the search space type i. If there are multiple CSSs or USSs with a same priority in a time instance, then these search spaces can be further prioritized based on the search space set index, which can be configured for each SS by higher layers, an indication, or priority criteria, for example.

An iteration from the first step here can be done with re-calculating priority factor to select the PDCCH candidates for dropping or skip monitoring until the number of PDCCH candidates and the number of CCEs for channel estimation fit within the maximum values. Additional aspects and details of the disclosure further described below with reference to figures.

The system is illustrated to include a UE and a UEwhich can further represent new radio NR devices as discussed herein.

An IoT network describes interconnecting IoT UEs, which can include uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the Internet infrastructurewith short-lived connections. The IoT UEs can execute background applications e. In this embodiment, the UEs and can further directly exchange communication data via a ProSe interface The UE is shown to be configured to access an access point AP via connection The connection can comprise a local wireless connection, such as a connection consistent with any IEEE In this example, the AP is shown to be connected to the Internet without connecting to the core network of the wireless system described in further detail below.

The RAN can include one or more access nodes that enable the connections and They can be referred to as RAN nodes herein and also comprise ground stations e. Any of the RAN nodes and can terminate the air interface protocol and can be the first point of contact for the UEs and In some embodiments, any of the RAN nodes and can fulfill various logical functions for the RAN including, but not limited to, radio network controller RNC functions such as radio bearer management, uplink and downlink dynamic radio resource management and data packet scheduling, and mobility management.

In accordance with some embodiments, the UEs and can be configured to communicate using Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing OFDM communication signals with each other or with any of the RAN nodes and over a multicarrier communication channel in accordance various communication techniques, such as, but not limited to, an Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access OFDMA communication technique e. The OFDM signals can comprise a plurality of orthogonal subcarriers.

pdcch order

In some embodiments, a downlink resource grid can be used for downlink transmissions from any of the RAN nodes and to the UEs andwhile uplink transmissions can utilize similar techniques. The grid can be a time-frequency grid, called a resource grid or time-frequency resource grid, which is the physical resource in the downlink in each slot. Such a time-frequency plane representation is a common practice for OFDM systems, which makes it intuitive for radio resource allocation.

The duration of the resource grid in the time domain corresponds to one slot in a radio frame.

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