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Adventure gamebooks, like the Fighting Fantasy and Choose Your Own Adventure series, were popular pastimes for children and young adults in the '80s and '90s, transporting readers into fantasy realms, pulp fiction scenarios and sci-fi universes.

The genre has undergone something of a mobile revival, with publishers such as Tin Man Games, Inkle and Choice of Games delivering everything from classic gamebook fun to more experimental interactive fiction apps that play around with the possibilities of the digital medium.

Check out 15 of our favorite mobile gamebooks. One of the best gamebook app series in recent memory is also an excellent revival of one of the best paperback gamebook series.

Steve Jackson's Sorcery series received a brilliant digital reimagining at the hands of Inkle, staying true to Sorcery's "choose your path" style adventures while also improving the presentation with combat minigames and a detailed map that shows the path and choices you make on the quest to restore the Crown of Kings.

Cross-episode saves let you bring your character forward into the game's later episodes, and the entire saga is now complete, letting you explore the full story from Sorcery! As the loyal valet Passepartout, you accompany your master Phileas Fogg in his globe-trotting journey through a steampunk Earth filled with automata, Artificers and airships. Players must race through the world's great cities, discovering new routes and stumbling across mysteries while exploring each city through a "choose your path" interface.

Discover the fastest routes, balance your finances, pack the right inventory in your limited luggage space, and maybe you just might win Fogg's epic wager and circumnavigate the world in 80 days. Powered by Tin Man Games' Gamebook Adventures engine, the app takes full advantage of the digital format by accompanying the text with music, sound effects, hilarious achievements and an end-game "Haml-o-Meter" featuring a statistics page that compares your choices with the Bard's.

Incredibly hilarious and brilliantly executed, To Be or Not To Be is a great addition to your app library.

Here's hoping it also gets an app release. Another lighthearted gamebook from Tin Man Games, Trial of the Clone delivers a humorous pastiche of space opera stories. Readers take on the role of an unwanted clone, raised by the mysterious Silene Monks, who is out to explore the universe and become a hero — or die horribly. With a script written by Zach Wienersmith of Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal and voiceovers by Wil Wheaton, Trial of the Clone delivers much hilarity, while operating with the tried and true Gamebook Adventures engine.

Instead of delivering a complete interactive story in a single package that you can read through in one go, Choices presents its content in an episodic format, with new content unlocked every week. It's also a free app, with players getting a limited number of "choice tokens" to make choices in the story; players can also subscribe to the app to get unlimited choices for their playthrough.

Redemption Season AndroidiOS marks the start of a new arc in Zachary Sergei's Hero Project series of choose your path games, with players taking on the role of a contestant in a reality show about super-powered heroes.

Choice of Games's many titles might not have the same audiovisual thrills as those of other app publishers, but the company makes up for it with a focus on rich and varied writing, as well as a handy stats tracker system that makes it easy for players to track how their choices affect a story and its varied characters. If this one tickles your fancy, you might want to check out earlier titles in the series such as Heroes Rise, The Hero Project, and HeroFall. Crack big cases like who stole your best friend's bicycle, face down bullies, and maybe, just maybe, get a date for the big school dance in Sixth Grade Detective AndroidiOSa young adult choose-your-path novel by Laura Hughes.

Another example of Choice of Games' rich selection of content, Sixth Grade Detective does away with super-powered conflict and adult themes for a more grounded story about coming of age, friendship, petty crime and cheeky sixth grade consulting detectives.

With the God Wars over and the rain god dead, it's up to you as an agent of supernatural firm Red King Incorporated to somehow find a way to make it rain. Set in the same universe as Gladstone's Craft Sequence and Choice of the Deathless Android, iOSThe City's Thirst is a many-layered supernatural thriller that sees you pitting your wits against mundane and supernatural forces, from sorcerers to real estate moguls, magical scorpions, to people just trying to get by in a dry and dusty world.

Featuring a customizable character creation system and an evocatively written story of more thanwords, Deathless: The City's Thirst is a thrilling read. Andrew Swann. You play a moreau, a human-animal hybrid left over from the last war and holed up in a ghetto called Moreytown.

Life in Moreytown isn't easy, but lately, things have come to a head with mysterious fires, explosions, and an escalation in gang conflicts, and it's up to you to figure out what's going on and how to stop it. Welcome to Moreytown a variety of paths and endings that can have you working with the good guys, taking over the gangs, or even running your own cult to keep your people safe.

Another gamebook classic returns in the form of The Warlock of Firetop Mountaincombining elements of choose-your-path adventures with more traditional RPG elements. Originally published inthis gamebook got a new lease on life with a successful Kickstarter campaign in late for a digitally reimagined version.Co-author: Shelly Narayan. She is an experienced teacher of 11 years who has spent the last two years working in our HSP class.

S tudents in our school are extremely comfortable with Book Creator and use it frequently. We have created and published a wide range of written pieces including fairy tales, comic books, procedural writing, informational texts, humorous stories and commercials.

We chose Book Creator because it allows students to create, collaborate and include multimedia content e. The students are in Gradesbut are working below grade level, ranging from kindergarten to Grade 5 level. The stories are written from the 2nd person point of view which puts the reader in control of the story.

We wanted to take it a step further and include green screen videos and sound effects to make the story come to life! It also shows the potential of Book Creator to redefine creative writing for students.

Students came for a minute library period once a week co-taught with Shelly Narayan, our HSP teacher. She also had them write for short periods of time in their HSP class. There was a mix of hand-written stories and Google Docs to allow collaborative writing and voice typing.

We had students work in centres as the project progressed e. We filmed over a period of two weeks but only 3 days per week.

We typically filmed for about We worked with small groups during that time.

LearnHow: Make a CYOA Game using HTML & CSS

Through this project, they were given an opportunity to do things differently in a way that met their learning needs. This project was multidisciplinary and encompassed drama, visual arts, literacy, media and music.

This was extremely beneficial in terms of choosing where to add interactive content and how to organize the pages and hyperlinks in the Book Creator app. Furthermore, Book Creator has a new Read Mode feature that highlights the text as it reads it back to students. This is an essential feature for editing and great for auditory learners.

It also plays the media inserted in the story. We realized that this feature is also fantastic for young readers who wanted to enjoy the book independently. The ultimate learning goal for students is to be able to communicate effectively using a variety of media and engage readers with this interactive book.

The technology became an integral part of this project. The Book Creator app was what tied everything together making, it possible to integrate all the multimedia into one interactive ebook.

The other essential requirement was we wanted to be able to add links to different pages within the book. In a Choose Your Own Adventure book, the reader gets to decide how the story unfolds because different choices lead to different endings. Book Creator makes it easy to add hyperlinks. We needed to link to different pages from an image, so the first thing we did was find an image of a 3D button and used the app Skitch to add number 1 and 2.

It is also critical to put a page number on each page of your story. We added some introductory pages e. Remember to wait to the very end to do this step. Green Screen by DoInk makes it easy to create the photos and videos. Students acted out scenes in front of a green screen. Videos or photos were then combined with the proper background and exported to the camera roll of the iPad to upload to Book Creator. We used Pixabay for most of our photos because they are free of copyrights under Creative Commons CCO and you do not need to give attribution.

Understanding copyright, licensing and attribution for photos and images. We find that our students love to have both a digital copy and print copy to look at in our library. With the Green Screen app, you can just toggle between saving it as a video or image.Black Mirror: Bandersnatch dipped into the nostalgia many who lived through the s have for a format of books called "Choose Your Own Adventure".

While the movie was certainly innovative, the format was nothing new as anyone who read those books remembers. One of the best aspects of the movie was the reintroduction of that format to the people who experienced it decades earlier, but it also introduced the concept of "Choose Your Own Adventure" to a new generation.

As it happens, there are tons of video games that embraced the format long before Black Mirror: Bandersnatch came along, and these ten are the best of them all. The game is set in a remote cabin where a group of teenagers is holed up for the night. As the player makes their way through the story, they are presented with various choices that direct the gameplay.

While most games in the "Choose Your Own Adventure" format follow a character as they progress through a story making choices, Her Story is a bit different. Play works by listening to interviews of a murder suspect from an old police computer. The choices come into play regarding how you listen to those tapes.

Depending on the search terms you use, and how well you pay attention to the dialogue, the story will unfold in different ways. Ultimately, this will result in a harrowing tale with strange and shocking twists that will differ each time you play the game depending entirely on the choices you make throughout. The Stanley Parable plays much like Black Mirror: Bandersnatchbut it also shares some similarities to earlier text-based games like Zork in that much of the decision-making involves determining where you go and what you do when you get there.

The game features narration that helps direct the player to choose between one or more actions that ultimately drive the story. As it comes to a conclusion, the players can find themselves in one of the many hilarious endings to the game, which almost demands multiple playthroughs just to see how it could have gone with different choices.

The game is a combination of a fantasy-noir adventure story, which breaks the genre and helps to redefine it with its rich story and beautiful graphics. From small choices that seem to have little consequence to larger decisions that clearly define how the story unfolds, players are faced with both to help instruct how the story plays out.

This is a game where the decisions definitely matter, and because there are so many, no single playthrough will be the same as any other. Gameplay features an ability to make choices via dialogue interactions with different characters.

As the player proceeds through the game, saying the right thing might help to find the killer while saying the wrong words could end up getting someone else killed making this game incredibly reliant on dialogue choices more than anything else. For anyone who has ever used dating apps like Tinder, this may be the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' game for you! In Reigns: Her Majestyplayers are given the option to make decisions by either swiping left or right, but those decisions have an impact on how the game develops.

Your decisions based on their wishes will help to build your dynasty making this a fun, yet simple game that follows the format. Taking elements from text-based adventure, puzzle solving, and first-person exploration games, this episodic horror fuses them all within a s technology themed adventure.

The game takes place in England back in Pretty close to Bandersnatch thereand features four episodes. Making the right choice will determine how everything plays out as the player determines exactly what kind of story they want to play. Each episode starts out as a single game of sorts until they all come together in the end to form a cohesive tale.

Life Is Strange is one of those genre-defining games that helped to refine the "Choose Your Own Adventure " format into a new format of gaming.

Twine: Create Interactive 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Story Games

The game follows the story of a teenager who can rewind time to make new decisions different than the ones made previously. This is done to try and uncover the secrets that have plagued her coastal town in Oregon. There are tons of mystery elements spread throughout the game, which help to make the decisions the player makes differ each time they play through Life Is Strange as they build to the inevitable twist fans of Bandersnatch are sure to love. This game features the levels of suspense you would expect from a zombie horror title, but it gets intense as you progress through the game.

Many decisions will directly result in whether or not the people around you live or die, which makes this one of the most harrowing and intense games in the "Choose Your Own Adventure" format. Undertale is a unique sort of game on this list because while it does follow a "Choose Your Own Adventure" format, it does so in a way that is entirely different from the other games listed here.Coronavirus response: We have free resources to support you through the pandemic.

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More ways to browse Parents recommend 5 Apply Parents recommend filter Popular with kids 7 Apply Popular with kids filter. App Reviews. Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You. Dynamic thriller with themes of privacy, security, freedom. Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. The little line. Sweet animated story of friendship uses kids' own drawings.

Spirit Riding Free Trick Challenge. Horse-riding TV tie-in is a decent one-trick pony. Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android. Simulacra 2. Social media murder mystery packs suspense and frustration. Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood. Awkward controls ruin teen-focused fright fest.

Minecraft Earth. Minecraft adventuring and creation come to the real world. Sky: Children of the Light. Engaging but strange adventure great for puzzle fans only. BTS World. Interactive adventure is little more than K-pop fan service. Highway Heat. Ad overkill empties this racer's gas tank of fun.

Beat Cop. Fun retro cop game marred by crude, offensive dialog. Hotel Transylvania Adventures. Fun, spooky action game haunted by constant ads. Alien: Blackout. Sci-fi horror lurks in the shadows with fear and fun. Tropic Trouble Match 3 Builder.Learn more and introduce yourself. For Pointless Weekendwe built an online tool that lets you easily build interactive fiction in your browser.

choose your own adventure game app

Every year, a scrappy team from each of our offices bands together to ideate and build something spectacular in just 48 hours. Once we had teams divvied up the other was SitStaywe quickly converged on the idea of using flow charts to write choose-your-own-adventure CYOA stories. We researched prior art to make sure that a flowchart tool was unique enough to be worth working on, and ended up finding many similar tools:. However, none of these tools hit the mix of ease-of-use and power that we had in mind, so we proceeded to plan our own.

We started by whiteboarding some sample story scenarios and identifying the elements and relationships we'd need to represent both graphically and in our database. This combination of flowchart and sidebar was a powerful solution to a problem many CYOA engines have to deal with: information density. Because CYOA stories present narrative decisions to readers, they follow an exponential growth pattern that requires lots of writing for every potential narrative path. By combining a flowchart with an editing sidebar, we keep the ability to see and organize a high-level overview of a story while keeping plenty of room for editing text.

Our team was a great balance of design and technical talent, including a visual designer, a graphic designer, and three engineers. We don't have many stories written yet, but you can check out a trebuchet love story I wrote, or create your own!

Nobody likes popups, so we waited until now to recommend our newsletter, a curated periodical featuring thoughts, opinions, and tools for building a better digital world. Read the current issue. Albert WaveringFormer Digital Analyst.

With three developers on our team, we were able to divide and conquer back-end engineering. Until next year! Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Introducing Pointless Corp. Sign up for The Viget Newsletter Nobody likes popups, so we waited until now to recommend our newsletter, a curated periodical featuring thoughts, opinions, and tools for building a better digital world.

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Gather your team and try to rob a bank in this choose your own story game! At once a novel and a game, this choose your own story game will allow you to control every detail of an upcoming heist as well as an impending biological catastrophe. Gather a team, develop a plan, choose the path of retreat and do not forget to dream about how to spend the loot.

Remember that every choice you make can result in dramatic consequences and the place where you will end up after a robbery: on the beach or behind bars! All depends entirely on you!

Features of Robbery : Choose your own story - Choose your own story game - Gather your team - Make a plan - Bribe the police - Plan your escape - Hide your money - Save the world from a pandemic - Multiple storylines - Different endings - Write your own endings!

Get drawn into a world of compelling multiple chapters stories where you can take the reins of destiny in your hands and decide for yourself — no compromises, no judgments and no holding back.

Make a bold decision in each episode and watch how your story unfolds. Make choices, go through exciting chapters, live different lives and enjoy unique outcomes. Get started now! Robbery : Choose your own Story presents stories punctuated by options popping up on your screen for an incredibly interactive experience that will hook you from the start of every episode, right to the end.

Download Robbery : Interactive Game - Choose your own Story and immerse in some of the most impressive chapters you'll ever lay your eyes on!

The choice is always yours to make. Your decisions will turn these interactive stories into your very own adventure. Be the hero in this choose your own story game.

choose your own adventure game app

For example after you cross the border and pick what you want to do, you should have a option of staying in the hotel and not going to the bar where you get kidnap and robbed a different situation would make this game excellent.

This game is far from being perfect. However it does have a very good story and the foreshadowing is really good. I do think that in some situations there should be more than one way to get out of it.

In my opinion at least, there should be more than 1 way to get out of the situation.Simple fun. Yarn lets you read thrilling, interactive stories on your device, for free. Solve puzzles, help characters make important decisions, and decide how stories end.

Yarn stories fall somewhere between traditional books and video games.

choose your own adventure game app

They're delivered one passage at a time and come to life with images, animations and sound. This educational app for children is an interactive story about a curious mouse with memory problems. Illustrated by the award-winning artist Fernando Vicente and featuring memorable characters and surprises to enjoy over and You decide. Morph-A-Story is a children's book that lets your child choose how the story progresses.

On each page, your child is presented with two options to end the sentence, and the choice that they make takes the story into a new direction. Every time you read the story, it can be Night Mode. Font Size. For proper use of this site, you need to enable javascript in your browser! You are using an outdated browser.

Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. FREE More info. Yarn - Interactive Stories Poeko Inc.

choose your own adventure game app

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