6ft bush hog

John Deere rotary cutters lead the way with innovative design, superior performance, and proven durability. The top deck stays smooth - no dents, no dings, no holes. The internal supports sandwiched between the top and bottom decks are key to the smooth and structure-free Max Flow cutting chamber, while at the same time provide added strength and durability.

To help promote safe operation, John Deere rotary cutters are equipped with front and rear safety-chain shields. John Deere rotary cutters continue to advance in value with powerful gearboxes, blade holders, and compatibility with a wide range of tractors.

Suction blades provide additional lift action for picking up downed material. The blades are 1.

6ft bush hog

There is also 1-year warranty on the complete machine, as well as drivelines and other components. View Offer Details. Skip to main content.

Used Bush Hog Mowers for Sale

Electronic Solutions. Rental Sales. View All Equipment. View Used Equipment. Make A One-Time Payment. Sign In to My Account. Owner Information. MX6 Rotary Cutter. Standard stump jumper blade holder Domed shape top deck is smooth and easy to clean 3-point hitch hookup provides more strength Front and rear chain shields offer safety. Build Your Own. Find a Dealer. View Product Brochure. Knocking down stalks such as cotton, corn, or milo speeds up decomposition.

This is essential in no-till and minimum-till fields. MX models are available in 1. Front and rear safety chain shields are standard Front safety chains MX6 shown.

Rear safety chains MX6 shown. Standard suction blades provide additional blade lift Suction blade standard equipment.

Warranty Five-year limited gearbox warranty provided on every John Deere rotary cutter Five-year warranty on all flex-wing gearboxes. Five-year warranty on all rotary cutter gearboxes.

Show More Show Less. Select Different Model. Export to Excel. Cutting width 1, mm 72 in. Cutting height 25 to mm 1 to 9.Aged new inventory clearance - never used or cat 1, 3 point hitch has some signs of wear and could use some paint.

No stains or holes.

6ft bush hog

Good pre-used Behlen country yel medium duty rotary. We have for sale this mower that is after-market that is made to fit 2 point tractors, this is not an ih bush hog. I am going to offer my 6 foot bush hog for auction.

You all are welcome. The offer price is just I am open Rotary cutter, bush hog, mower, bushhog, ferguson, for. Pre-owned 6 foot bush hog but still works very good has no details of damage, already been cleaned. I am putting it for auction at an offer price of only. Been painted blackin great operating condition.


This is a great piece big enough to hold a few makeup items. Works as it should, rear corner has been repaired as seen in picture. Springtime in Texas means that the grass is 6 foot bush hog great condition and works great. Heavy duty 6 foot bush hog for sale. Here is a great opportunity for all the bidders. This nice 6 foot bush hog is up for auction now at an offer price of only Serious bidders are welcome. Thanks for stopping by!! Deadstock 70s 80s bush hog red trucker vintage hat.

Heaviest made fmc sidewinder land clearing mower. It has got styles, looks and elegance. Start bidding for this product from just Ready to mow. Pro parts place aramid exact oem spec bush hog.

Aramid deck belt compatible with bush hog Comes with the full pto shaft. Bush hog belt buckle. Limitation for notification of claims it will be your responsibility to inform us of any damages within hours from delivery. Brand new, never opened. It is in the well condition and looks reall Heavy duty 6 foot box blade bush hog burton.

Heavy-duty 6 foot bushhog, its not perfect but seems to be in perfect working order. Gear box no good. I have this 6 foot 3 point bush hog for sale. Tarter brand bushhog from tsc.SinceBush Hog has delivered dependable rotary cutters, finishing mowers, landscape tools and a wide variety of tractor mounted implements. Over that time, we have built lifelong relationships with our product owners while earning a reputation for our ruggedness, durability and value of our products.

When you make a decision to invest in our quality implements, you become a part of the Bush Hog family. Our built tough in Selma Alabama products, will help you transform your property into a land of opportunity! Flex-Wing '; document. Single Spindle '; document. ZT Mower '; document.

Mowing The Trail With The King Kutter 6ft Rotary Cutter #48

Single-Spindle Rotary Cutters. Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters. Boom Mowers. Snow Equipment. Hay Tools. The health and safety of people is our most important business and moral responsibility. These include limiting the opportunity for person to person contact thru various means, increasing on-site sanitation procedures, cancelling all travel and having team members work from home where possible.

Bush Hog will continue to operate under these conditions, closely monitor the situation, and will add other preventive measures if possible. We remain committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, our dealers, our suppliers, our customers, and all we interact with while providing products and parts to our customers. We encourage everyone to take health and safety precautions while working and at home.

With nationwide cooperation, we pray for a return to normal.Add this make and model to Equipment Hunter to receive notifications when new or similar equipment is posted. This feature requires a Fastline Account. It is really easy to sign up! Here is some custom text that would need to be filled in to explain what the benefits of taking the website tour would be. Compare 0 of 4. Select listings to compare them.

Find Equipment Everything. Bush Hog Clear All. Distance Miles. Price Range. Year Range. See All Manufacturers. See All Models. Require Price. Require Photos. Require Video. Show More. Apply Filter Save Search. View Details. View Dealer Page. Whites Farm Supply White's Farm Supply LandPro Equipment Bush Hog Contact for Price. True North Equipment Titan Machinery Additional Info: New: Used, Other: Finish mower, 15' cutting width, 1"-4" adjustable cutting height, draw bar tow behind.

Additional Info: Excellent condition, always housed and housed here with Pickett pickup This is as nice as they get with out buying a new one This combine never sat out and don't set out here This is the latest model with the Red bin, We ship anywhere Call or email us for a freight rate You can see everything we have on our website by click on our name below where it says contact John and Leroy Tomlinson.

Additional Info: Excellent condition, field ready, always housed, super clean. We ship anywhere Call or email us for a freight rate You can see everything we have at our website by clicking on our name below where it says contact John and Leroy Tomlinson. Additional Info: New: Used, Other: 5 foot bush hog like new used one time.

Customer traded in as he needed a smaller cutter. Shear Bolt, Type: 5 Ft. Close Contact Seller.Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of The machine only has 40 hours on it, since bushhogging is all I use it for.

I did have a warranty repair when the tachometer failed at about the 30 hr point, but the dealer got on that quickly. So far, this tractor has had no trouble whatsoever powering a 6 foot bushhog, and burns only 0. I was concerned that the R4 tires might not have enough traction, but lowering the pressures to around 10 rear, 18 front has helped ride and wheel-spin considerably.

I may lower them more in the rear. I have no wheel weights nor liquid fill, and usually don't need to put it in 4 wheel drive despite operating on hilly terrain. A 6' hog is a bit big for this tractor but it maneuvers fairly well. I did have to get the front bracket extension with weights in order to ballast adequately. I have found the RC can cut small trees larger than its 1" rating if I move slowly over them. The engine power really is quite impressive on this machine, much more noticeable than a relative's Cab model.

In addition, the faster blade tip speed of the 6' hog makes a difference in cut quality even at lower rpms as compared to the 5' unit on the family's Hope this may be of use to someone. Reply With Quote. Re: Report on E with 6' bushhog Thanks for the report. Im looking at his brother the E and will be using a 5'ft brush hog, so I know that will work ok Re: Report on E with 6' bushhog I am using the low gear mostly because of the hilly terrain, though in flats with light grass I have used high gear.

I'll bet you could use the high range easier than I could, since the heavy 6' hog on a light tractor like 30E series will bounce me around more than a 5' model would. Rated rpm at raises the operating torque, and the higher torque peak at or so rpm means the torque rise is potentially steeper under load. I have mowed some heavy grass with this 6' hog and it is hard to bog this tractor down in low range.

I hope and expect you'll find the same with the E and a 5' cutter. I'd like to hear what other 30E users have found.

6ft bush hog

It handles it just fine, even through Re: Report on E with 6' bushhog dk I was looking at the specs on that Sitrex, which has some heft at 90" wide. How much front end ballast do you need to balance it on your E? Re: Report on E with 6' bushhog I would think it needs quite a bit of ballast if there is no loader mounted.

Last edited by charleyfarmall; at PM. Reason: made a mistake. Re: Report on E with 6' bushhog Always leave the loader mounted on it just to keep it even. The Sitrex is big, but not really all that heavy I've found. Re: Report on E with 6' bushhog [ What was the tachnometer doing when it failed?Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store.

Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Horsepower for 6 foot Brush hog? I break sheer pins on a four foot 3 point brush mower. I can run a five foot without problems. Looking to buy a new mower.

Do I have enough horsepower to move up to a six foot mower? Reply With Quote. Re: Horsepower for 6 foot Brush hog? I tend to think a 6' is too big for your tractor, unless you'll be cutting pretty light stuff most of the time. I'd also check your manual to see if it tells the max weight your 3PH can handle regarding a rotary cutter a lot of tail weight hanging very far from the 3PH It would pull it, but was struggling going up the steep hills I have.

Ended up bending an upper link on the 3-pt If it's all flat, light mowing Not a factor for me, I sold my 28 HP machine If your just pasture topping you should be fine, weight might be the down factor.

A pull type would eliminate that problem though. I had a same tractor as your I have a 5' cutter which the tractor ran quite easily. However, I don't think a 6' cutter would be a good fit unless you only doing some pasture mowing. If you plan on mowing moderate to heavy brush, I think you'll be disappointed. As a few guys wrote, a 6' cutter is heavy! Even a 5' cutter in my case, a Land Pride weighing about lbs will be quite noticable on a light weight tractor like the when raised in transport.

Roy Jackson "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch Did anyone say a 5 ft cutter what be a good choice. Kubota M Cab. I would have to ask why you are breaking shear pins on the 4' cutter?? Are you trying to mow really heavy stuff?? Starting too hard? Hitting rocks?Terms of Use Privacy Policy About Our Ads Advertising Billboard.

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6ft bush hog

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